Friday, July 27, 2012

July 26 Update

Between corporate and individual contributions, we now have enough money to purchase 1000 tickets!  This is very exciting, but we want to go bigger.  We're talking to local theaters, as well as the corporate folks at AMC, Cinemark (owners of Century Theaters), and Regal/UA to see whether they'll offer deeper discounts or a matching donation of tickets so we can fill more theaters on the 4th.

Media Coverage
  • Jason was on 9 News Denver by phone yesterday (click for video) and in the studio today (not posted online yet, but we're working on it) talking about the event.  
  • The story has also been picked up by 10 News in Stockton, CA.  
  • Interviews with a radio station and a couple of newspapers should also yield more links soon

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