Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The news keeps spreading!

In the past few days since we took Denver and Aurora to the movies, more people across the country have heard about and been touched by the event.

  • First, there was the great story by 9 News Denver (click to view), which was picked up by news stations all over the country, as well as by USA Today video.
  • Boston news station WHDH 7 even picked up the story (click to view), but they seem to have missed the Boston connection. How could you not notice the Red Sox hat on that handsome young man?
  • On Monday, Hollywood got into the act, with first a Hollywood Reporter article (click for article) and then a post on Perez Hilton's blog (click for article)
  • Locally, we have a very nice post from a woman who was surprised by free tickets on Saturday. This is why we love living in Colorado (click for post)
The good news keeps spreading, and we hope that more people will be encouraged by this event to reach out to strangers and spread some light!

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